is CBD legal?

Purchasing CBD is federally legal as long as it doesn’t have more than 0.3% THC. Although in some states a doctors recommendation is still needed, a continuously growing number of states and countries are approving its use as the vast majority has already done.

What are the benefits of CBD

Above the overall feeling of wellness, CBD strengthens the immune system, helps the body fight infections, relieves stress and many more. Anyone looking for a pain reliever will find that CBD gets the job done easily, safely and efficiently.

Is CBD good for athletes?

The change with sports agencies around the world has already begun by announcing that CBD will no longer be considered as a banned substance. This caused athletes to research about the qualities of cannabidiol, to find that it improves and shortens recovery time after injury, it strengthens the immune system during and after physical activity, its an antidepressant, a stress reliver, anti-inflammatory, helps maintain a healthy diet, promotes bone growth and many more. The overall conclusions is that CBD provides many benefits beyond all the products available on the market and is completely natural!

CBD from Hemp vs CBD from Marijuana?

CBD extracted from hemp will be non-intoxicating, while CBD extracted from marijuana will. The reason comes from the difference in the amount of molecules and in their composition (the same molecules that are in marijuana are also in hemp but in different quantities). Marijuana produces THC at high quantities, yet low levels of CBD. Hemp produces lower then .3% or NO THC, yet high levels of CBD.

Who are CBD hemp cultivators

A variety of cannabis operations which have been specialy adjusted to comply with legal requierments for industrial hemp while producing high levels of cannabidiol.
These high CBD operations are often described as medical hemp.

Industrial hemp vs Medical hemp

Over the past years – medical hemp grow operations are enabled to be licensed under the indsutrial hemp law – enabling high CBD crops from a medicaly grown hemp operation to operate under the industrial hemp law.

Is CBD made from the seeds or from the inflorescence?

CBD can be extracted from different parts of the plant, providing a different end product each time. (CBD products and non CBD products). Cannabidiol in hemp is found in the inflorescence. An extraction from the inflorescence, will provide you with a full/ broad/ isolated end product.
The seeds, on the other hand, do NOT contain CBD or THC. Hemp oil that is extracted from seeds has no CBD or THC.
Our CBD is extracted from the highest quality medicaly grown hemp inflorecence.

How is CBD made?

In the molecular extraction process the CBD and the other cannabinoids are isolated (according to end product), then blended with oil. The neutral oil can be the hemp oil that isolated the CBD / MCT medical coconut oil. We work with both as well as a detailed 3rd party lab result for every individual product.

What is CO2 extraction?

CO2 extraction is a procedure that uses carbon dioxide to seperate specific chemical compounds from a plant. We humans produce CO2 when we exhale.
CO2 extraction is a standard extraction method in the food industry.
Before the use of supercritical extraction, companies relied on bad solvents such as butane for the separation process.

What Is Supercritical CO2 extraction?

It is the process of using supercritical fluids to separate one component from another. CO2 is the most commonly used fluid in this process which is known as supercritical fluid extraction.

Ethanol extraction vs CO2 extraction

Ethanol is known to be able to pull out more cannabinoids from the plant than CO2. Initially there was a bit of confusion from the need to introduce ethanol as a solvent instead of carbon dioxide, but that has been cleared since its known to be safe for human consumption (not like butane). Some claim that FULL SPECTRUM products can only be extracted with ethanol, due to its greater ability to disolve molecules and extract most of the cannabinoids from the plant, unlike CO2. We utilize both. Choose our award wining products and experience yourself.

Extraction machines used

-Supercritical CO2 system
(Processes 100kg of dried flower daily)
-FX2 20L 5K
(Processes 50kg of biomass daily on a maximum of 5,000 psi),

What is the difference between CBD and THC?

The main difference between the two compounds is how they affect us.
The difference in their molecular structure affects how their various molecules interact with the endocannabinoid system receptors.
THC elicits a response in the CB1 receptors and causes intoxication by its activation.
CBD does not activate these receptors, and therefore is a non intoxicant. It has been shown that the combined effect of both substances, moderates the psychoactive effects of THC for binding to receptors in the endocannabinoid system and complete each other in some way (entourage effect)

Know the differences

FULL SPECTRUM / BROAD SPECTRUM / CBD ISOLATE. The difference accours in the extraction process which changes the molecular count and composition further.
FULL spectrum contains THC(less than .3%), CBD and the full spectrum of cannabinoids in their natural accuring quantities. BROAD spectrum contains 0 THC, CBD and other selected cannabinoids. In CBD ISOLATE, the initial extraction undergoes another process where the CBD molecule is separated from the rest of the spectrum therfor the end product will contain ONLY CBD.

Storage conditions and expiration

Store the product in a cool dry shaded place.
The expiration is usually up to a year and a half depending on the product and how it was stored after its initial use. The actuall expirion date will be stamped on the product itself, and can also be found on our site with the products production number.

Can CBD be used on the skin?

Yes. You can apply the lotion directly on the skin to relieve muscle pain, back pain, treat irritated skin, damaged skin and even acne, since the endocannabinoid system receptors are present in our skin cells. No digestion is requiered, therefor it is quick and effective.

Does CBD make you high?

CBD has no intoxicating effect, therefore one cannot feel a sense of intoxication from its consumption. Those effects are of THC. Although full spectrum CBD oils contain THC up to .3%, broad spectrum and pure isolated oils are THC FREE. Full spectrum, Broad spectrum and Isolated oils, all avoid intoxicating effects due to a negligible quantity of THC / 100% THC FREE. CBD is a CB1 antagonist that will modulate the THC intoxicating effects.

How to start?

Like any other drug or supplement, first let your body adapt and absorb it into its blood stream. It will then be spread by the endocannabinoid system and you will begin noticing its tremendeaus benefits.
The feeling can differ based on body weight, metabolic rate, method of use and of course the type and quality of the product you choose.
You know yourself and your body the best, so start gradually with this natural product.

How to take CBD?

Applying to the skin
Drops under the tongue
Bath bombs and many more

Is CBD suitable for animals?

Although the doses that humans and animals take differ, CBD can be used to treat the same conditions in pets in the same way it is used to treat humans due to the great similarity between our body systems as mammals. CBD products have already received the recommendations of renowned veterinarians believing that cannabidiol products for mammals can be effective in treating a variety of diseases ranging from anxiety, inflammation, bone and hip pain, aging effects, loss of appetite, dominance issues and many more.

CBD oil vs THC oil

There has been an ongoing demand from medical patients for more CBD in products they encountered – that were above 15% but still had THC between 5-15%. They wanted the full effect of pure CBD (regardless of the entourage effect).
Nowadays CBD products are manufactured from hemp because their THC percentage is lower than 0.3. Moving from 5-15% THC or higher to less than .3% THC / NONE. THC still has its place in future research and healing, but new research is taking place, focusig primaraly on CBD. We see the imprtance of introducing the world to a healing option that we are only begining to understand the tremendous benefits of – Our CBD.

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