FS – Special Sauce (4000MG/OIL)




Hohmmade CBD brings you

Aromas of citrus and pine and something else I can’t quite put my finger on.

This strain was grown bio dynamically outdoors in Oregon by Horn Creek.

CBD content of 18%. It’s a bit strong in general. The mood is smooth.

A hybrid displaying indica dominance

4000MG Oil

30 ML Bottle


Specialty Hemp company : Hohmmade CBD aims to be mindful and to leave our communities better than we found them. 

 How can we do this? By supporting: Mindful farmers & manufacturers of products we utilize in our own manufacturing processes. We believe every decision has an effect and it is important for us to know who and what we are supporting.

We are a small batch type of company. So we commonly make under 100kmg of oil at a time which is stored in amber-colored glass containers with metal lids until requested. When we fill your order we will dilute (much like you would an essential oil) our high strength oil with enough mct to meet your needs.

This helps us be more flexible to your needs while maintaining small batches that  are fresh. Each bottle has a shelf life of one year for maximum potency.

We cannot explain how our full spectrum oil seems to be more potent than some companies that utilize very expensive equipment and ‘advanced’ methods of extraction but we know we have something special to offer you. And we are happy that we can make it affordable to those that use it long term and short. 


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